Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cosplay Buzz wig review

So I noticed that Cosplay Buzz sponsors cosplayers if you email them and send them pictures.Their wigs are inexpensive and I was curious about the quality.  I did have one other wig from them, and it was nice, so I emailed them and asked if I could have one of their lolita wigs.  They responded with yes, as long as I paid for shipping because the lolita wigs were really heavy.  I was kind of skeptical- but it was still an awesome deal- so I agreed.  I decided to ask for this wig...Here

I received it in about 2 weeks- and when I got it I understood the weight issue.  It was HEAVY!  It came in a hairnet crammed in a plastic bag in a shipping envelope, I would've preferred a box but no deal breaker so far. 
I took it out and the first thing I noticed was how thick it was.  The wig itself was very thick and then there were the ponytails- they were also super thick.  This was A LOT of hair. (Below photo was taken with flash)
 The wig was also nice and long and made with nice real looking fibers.  (below photo without flash)
The wig cap was bigger than I expected- which I liked because small wig caps really drive me crazy- but if you have a small head- this would be too big for you.
Being worn :)
The quality and fibers reminded me of an Arda wavy wig I have- they look realistic and are easy to style, but can tangle easily.

The ponytails were also nice and thick and long and made of the same nice fibers. (below photo with flash)

Being worn with wig...
Here is the back-
and with the ponytails pushed close together- this made the wig really back heavy- and with the not tight wig cap it almost fell off- so you'd have to bobby pin it a lot to make sure it stayed in place if you chose this style.
After getting this wig I promptly wore it to a lolita meet up- I got lots of compliments on it and it seemed to hold up pretty well.

I also wore it a few weeks later at a con with a simple school uniform cosplay- it was really windy and after that the front pieces of the wig got tangly and kind of frizzy.
I was kind of dismayed about that- so after the con I washed it and tried to comb out the tangled.  it got better- but it still seemed to have lost some of the curl and still seemed a little frizzy.  I have one other wig from them- this one and I had no problems washing and detangling that one.  I sprayed some wig conditioner and still frizzy.  I am annoyed about that- but the wig still is wearable and I can't complain too much since the price was so low.  I will still buy wigs from them, but I think I will stay away from their super longer wigs.

Hope this was helpful :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sabaku Con 2013

Sabaku Con 2013

     April 12-14 was Sabaku Con in Albuquerque New Mexico.  I was invited to be a guest there, the first time ever, and host their fashion show, judge the masquerade and do a few panels.  I love helping with Monkey Paw Conventions (Saboten Con, Con-Nichiwa) so I was definitely happy to be a part of this new convention.  I wanted to do a run down of my experience, because...well...I just felt I needed to document it.

Friday- After a long drive being cramped in the car we got there at about 11:00 a.m. and was able to set up the Poison Sugar table pretty quickly.  I wasn't in cosplay and I just didn't want to get dressed since the fashion show was coming up and I was just really tired from driving since 3 A.M.  So I went to my first panel at 1:30, Beginner Sewing for Cosplay.  I think this panel went really well, and I crammed a lot of beginner info in there.  Even though the panel wasn't full, I think that the attendees really learned something :)  After that I went and helped judge the Iron BJD competition.  I was amazed at all the cool outfits people made for the BJDs in like 45 minutes.  It was so hard to judge!!  After that I went straight up to my room and started calling models up there.  I had about 9 models from New Mexico that I had never met before, and some of them were completely new to modeling and wig wearing and lolita!  I was so nervous that I would seem silly to them, or not like a designer should, but I think they had a great time (at least they told me they did).  It was very humbling, they wanted pictures with me and gushed about how fun it was. It really made me remember why I love this so much, and how making people happy is the reason I do this.  The models all did super on stage,and I was really happy with how they looked.  Kittywood Designs supplied awesome accessories for them!  I met a local lolita, Carol,  who helped out so much too, I am so glad I made those connections and I really look forward to doing this next year and making it even better. 

Saturday- So Saturday I was Queen Beryl all day.  I know I am not a super skinny cosplayer, and I never will be, but I wanted to be able to be a sexy Queen Beryl and I think I accomplished that.  I don't think that all cosplayers need to be tiny- and Queen Beryl is a curvy lady.  I still have some improvements to make on this costume- I am remaking the black pieces (they drove me crazy) and the staff still needs to be made.  Those will be done for Fanime.  I felt happy and confident and had so much fun with my fellow judges. I think we made memories for years to come. I also loved seeing how happy the masquerade contestants were, I was surprised there were no skits (not like AZ) and there were so many Journeyman!  But it was great to make people happy with awesome awards and recognition.
Kawaii Judge fusion!!!!

 After everything on Saturday, while sitting in the bar, watching everyone talking, I actually started crying and just felt so overwhelmed.  I don't know if I felt so happy, or worried I wasn't a good enough guest, or just overcome by all the excitement or what.  I just know I had trouble for the rest of the night knowing what the heck I was feeling.  Stupid feels.

Sunday-  Today was lazy day- I did a lolita shopping panel- which I couldn't really get onto the hotel broadband because it was really slow- so it was kind of boring- but still good info for those who went.  Then I wanted to change into Chinatsu from Yuru Yuri, but alas!, the wig showed too much of my hairline and I forgot pink paint to cover it up.  So I threw on a black wig and just wore the uniform.  It was really comfy.  I snapped some pics outside, it got really windy, I may have accidentally showed some people my behind :O Then we went back inside.  I bought an autographed Kazhua CD (FINALLY) and got to see them in concert.  They are so cute and awesome and amazing!  I also got to speak at closing ceremonies, which I was very nervous to do, but I really enjoyed.  So many people were applauding and saying nice things to me.  It felt like they really cared about me and wanted me back. 

All in all this was an amazing experience, and I am so happy I got to do it.  I hope that I can continue to be a guest at conventions so I can keep sharing my passion and knowledge with others.

So there you go, I know I don't post journal type entries often, but I really wanted everyone to know how appreciative I was and how happy I was to be there. 

See ya round