Saturday, February 25, 2012

Singer Serger unboxing

So thanks to a series of recent purchases I was able to invest in a better serger, and like a total dork- I decided to do a box opening. So here is the serger I got- it was on super sale for Presidents day and is a 4 thread so I can use it for stretchy fabrics (which my current serger can't handle). The main difference between this serger and the one I currently have is the differential feed (my current three thread doesn't have one). The differential feed helps you feed cloth through the machine so you can sew knits and also make ruffles.

Singer Profinish 745 model

Open it up and it's encased in styrofoam with the manual on top. It's about 50 pages long- but also has Spanish and French if you want to test your dual language skills.

So after taking off the top Styrofoam and I am really happy to see that it is already threaded and has mini spools of thread already in it!

Out of the box! It has suction cup feet.

The inside parts-

This serger (besides being capable of 6 different stitches and being compatible with my juki serger feet) also has a removable storage compartment that when removed, lets you serger arm holes and circles! YAY

The serger also came with an instructional DVD, extra needles, and the standard stuff like tweezers and a screwdriver.

So while this machine was less expensive than any of my other new equipment, I'm hoping the quality will still be good. I haven't messed with it yet, but I got free classes with it, so I can go and learn all the different stitches and what they can do from someone who has used it. I'm sure I will mess with it plenty before then though. Now to magic up some space to put it.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Are all Men Pedophiles Poster petition

So, if you are a lolita, chances are you have seen a petition circulating around about a poster being used for a documentary about pedophilia and the assumptions made about it( you have probably seen it 100 times like I have). I am tired of it, especially because people aren't even bothering to look at the statement issued by the movie "There is a lot of conversy surrounding the film posters. The documentary does not offend Lolita. Wild assumptions about what pedophilia is or isn’t is why the documentary was made in the first place." Personally, I think the only person who has something to say is the model in the photo- and if they used her image without permission. Otherwise- this is no more detrimental to lolita than 4chan or Get Off EGL or Lolita Secrets. For one, the girl looks amazing, and not provocative at all (despite what the petitions say) and secondly, there have always been perverts associated with lolita. We all know this- it is a fetish with some people- as much as we don't mean it to be. There will always be men who find it attractive or think it's perverted or whatever for whatever reasons outside of our own understanding of the fashion. Lolita can look like you are purposefully dressing like a little girl- this movie is about the stereotypes and assumptions of pedophilia- seems like a good image representation to me. This movie doesn't seem to be about lolita or really mention it all- and it looks like a very well done and informative movie that I would actually want to see.
Is lolita supposed to be sexy- no. Do some people see it as sexy?- yes. No matter how much we rant about the fashion being modest and covered up, some people will still see it as sexy. I don't think that seeing the picture will make people think that lolitas are all about attracting pedophiles because WHO THE HELL WOULD WANT THAT? I think we should have asked to post an informative link to what lolita is instead of getting all angry and in their faces. We could have had a chance to share what lolita is with a whole bunch of people. Anyway- the whole thing makes me irritated and annoyed- and I feel like the info on the petition post is over dramatic.

And frankly, anyone who looks at lolita and says "OMG those girls are all about attracting pedophiles and are perverts and whores" is a complete and utter fucking moron and I don't want them anywhere near me in the lolita community. They can stay blissful in their giant bubble of ignorance and stay the hell away from me.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


So lately I've been a little obsessed with plaids. I've been wanting to make some cute stuff with plaids for a while- but you have to treat them nicely when making a garment with them. If you want to sew plaids- this is a good reference.
There are a lot of important details with lining up plaids that help make the finished garment look that much more professional. Another great PDF reference file about plaids and how to use them is here.
So if you not sewing and you just like the look of plaid, I have a little something for you too, here are some pictures of plaid and lolita. A wonderful combination if I do say so myself.

Now, you might be wondering- aren't some of these tartans or gingham or something? And what is the difference between plaid and tartan and gingham anyway? Well, click on over here and you can read all about the difference between tartans and plaids- because there is a very important one- especially to the Scottish. As of gingham...

Gingham is a checkered pattern but it is actually woven into the cloth with different colored warn, it often has a texture that gives it away. It's medium weight. It usually looks like this...

So, now that you have learned a little bit about plaids you can impress your friends or make a kilt or something. Hopefully some of this was useful, or at least fun to look at :)