Monday, February 21, 2011

Wait...another shoe post.

Happy Presidents Day, and what better way to celebrate then with shoes, yea I know, shoes again.

For non lolita related shoes I discovered this place called Wholesale Shoes in Phoenix where all shoes are 9.88 and all boots are under $23. So I went there and it is full of lots of shoes, of all colors and varieties and heel heights. I boot two pairs of boots. Here is the website.


For lolita shoes I recently (well not too recently) bought some boots from Ling Lam. I actually bought them the end of December and I got them....Saturday. Yea- and that had nothing to do with Chinese New Year. I ordered them like Dec 31st and they were mailed January 28th and I got them February 19th. And that cost quite a bit, but the post office situation is just bad out there right now (Hong Kong), everything is taking forever. I don't have many complaints because I have purchased shoes from them before, the quality isn't great but good enough for the casual wear I give my boots. The worst thing was my black rocking horse boots.

There was nothing really "wrong" with them, the fit is just really weird and awkward. The zipper is in the back, so when you go to put them on your foot automatically jams the zipper down into the shoe and you have to fight with it. Then it's just really hard to zip over the curves of the back of your foot since the material is so unforgiving. I think if I had bought a larger size I probably wouldn't have had a problem, but it's a little late to know that now, but YOU know it now, so if you want to order these, order them a little bigger. I'm probably going to sell mine to someone with an 8 or 8.5 foot.

So here is my huge annoyance with lolita shoes. Why are they all designed by morons? The only decent ones are rocking horse shoes. All my other shoes it takes me forever to put on and take off. Either the buckles are super tiny and a pain to open OR they have snaps that can wear and loosen so they keep popping when you walk. This could be just an annoyance of mine because of my large feet and calves but bah! I wish decent shoe companies would make some cute lolita shoes.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Up and coming

Con Nichiwa is coming up in March 25-27 in Tucson Arizona

Con Nichiwa

I will be there with my cosplay group Sunacosu hosting some panels. I was really hoping they would have a fashion show like the one they had last year. But they aren't doing it again, so I won't have any fun modeling jobs for anyone (except me).

I will be doing some panels for the Con about lolita though-

Lolita 101 - about the history and guidelines of lolita

Lolita 202- about the other "sub genres" of lolita and a large section of reviews of where to shop (something I know quite a bit about) for almost anything.

Lolita sewing- if you want to know about how to start sewing then this is the class for you, while the beginning will go over things that every beginner needs to know- the second half will talk about how to measure for a simple rectangle skirt and how to cut and gather ruffles.

I like to give out prizes and hand outs. If you go to the sewing panel I will have a full walk through of how to sew the rectangle skirt so you can go home and actually do it without going..."wait...what did she say to do again?"

Should be fun, I will also be sharing a table there to sell the new antique style necklaces and some furry capelets along with liquidating old stock (sweets jewelry). So come on by.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lolita vs The Classy lady

Alright, so while I was looking for feedback about what kinds of tea parties people want to have, I got some feedback saying that they wished the tea parties were more classy, like actual tea parties with soft music and polite conversations and good posture and all that. The argument was that the rowdy behavior looked bad on lolitas and gave people a bad impression of us, like we are just "people who want to look like little girls." I see why lolitas would want this, especially ones who like classic. It would make for a perfect Victorian themed tea party.

My favorite style however, super sweet, is not very classy. And I don' think anyone will ever look at it and think "wow, that's classy." I also don't' want them to. I'm not classy that way. I'm barely middle class, I wouldn't now what to do at a fancy party like that, I'd probably just feel out of place. I don't worry about making messes and I'll wear my pajamas to the store and I often don't care if my jacket matches my clothes. HOWEVER, class is more than appearances and soft music and fancy dinnerware. Class is how you act, and I don't think that has anything to do with being lolita or not. You can't say that just because you're lolita you're classy. People have their own personalities and are going to be who they are regardless of what they are wearing. So in a way, the people that other people are stereotyping as weirdos, because they are acting like loud obnoxious weirdos, probably are weirdos. And they also don't care that people think that. I'd rather be someone who is approachable, which is not always the case when people first meet me (apparently I'm kind of intimidating or something). But after they get to know me they realize I'm pretty nice. I would rather seem nice than classy any day of the week. And I'm classy in my own way, it's just not the same way as first lady classy.

Where did my point go....oh yea....people are who they are. And sometimes, we're big weirdos in frilly dresses.