Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lolita Transformation!

So EGL had this theme last month where people were posting their lolita transformations. It totally sounded fun, but I never got around to doing it until tonight when I went to judge a masquerade at a local animefest. So here is my own little transformation :)

ME! I also usually wear glasses but I had my contacts in.

Starting with basic foundation

Next comes the rest of the make up...

Makeup is done, so I got my dress and socks and blouse on (and bloomers)

Now, I have to add the WIG and all the little accessories.

There you go!!

Rundown of outfit...

Blouse- Fan Plus Friend
Dress- hand made
Shoes- Ling Lam
Socks- Angelic Pretty
Pink Bracelet- Metamorphose
Head Bow- Hand Made (not by me)
Wig- Minty Mix

Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring Time!

So, while its already hit 97 degrees here in Arizona (and totally feels like summer already) it's actually spring in other places of the U.S.
I decided I would post some of the lovely spring outfits that brands have come out with recently. These are the ones that remind me of Spring the most.

Angelic Pretty's Sheep Garden. I love this print, and it's totally not because I'm obsessed with sheep...well maybe just a little. I think sheep have this claim to spring that only chicks and rabbits also have.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright "Dobby Rosebud" jsk, I like this design, and cute little flowers are always a sign of spring.

Innocent World has this beautiful strawberry jsk, I love how the top border matches the border print (I LOVE border prints). The versatility of this dress is great, it can be lolita, or just a nice sun dress.

Metamorphose "Fruit Punch Soda" series is coming out soon, and this jsk reminds me of root beer floats and ice cream on warm springs days. Perfect for the sweet lolita.

Heart E has this cute high waisted strawberry cute with suspenders! Great way for classic style to be a little more sweet. This is a simple skirt but it works with the big print. It comes in other colorways, but I think the lavender is great for spring.

Juliette et Justine has this lovely jsk called "Le Monde de L'ange" (meaning the world of an angel) is cute and light for J et J style. The print has angels and roses and lace print all in light colors.

So there you are, some pretty things to look at for spring time! Although summer is almost here, and that means over 100 degrees for AZ lolitas, but don't worry, we'll just stay indoors for most of it ;)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No such thing as a free lunch.

So, this isn't actually lolita related, but it has been stewing in my mind for months now and I really wanted to let it out. Free stuff and favors: the older I get, the more I hate these things, in almost all aspects. I like getting free gifts, but then I hate when they break or fail because I can't complain, they were free right? It still is a bad experience even though you didn't pay for it. This works opposite for me a seller too, if something I've given for free breaks, what should I do...I can't refund them. And offering for them to mail something to me and then fixing it and then mailing it back seems a whole lot of asking for something that cost less than $10 in some cases.
As an artist and seamstress free stuff works in other annoying ways, like trading. A lot of artists trade stuff, like a painting for tailored clothes or a sculpture for a painting or whatever, you get the idea. Sometimes these trades can be really awesome and amazing, and sometimes they can suck. Especially when the other person doesn't hold up their end, or it takes them a year to do something that you finished 2 months ago. Now if the time is set up originally to be a long wait, I don't care and understand, but when dates are set and ignored, it really bugs me. I'm a schedule person, I like having deadlines, and I think they should be followed (unless something tragic happens). I'm very business like in that way, and most people who know me personally would think I am very different in work and volunteer related aspects because I treat everything seriously.
And the last one, which is so touchy, but it is the one that has been bothering me the most....favors. I hate favors, but people offer them to me a lot. I guess they like me (which is good). But here is the horrible and annoying truth about favors. When they totally screw things up for you, you can't complain to them because "they were doing you a favor." It's not a business transaction, you aren't paying them, you have nothing to hold onto if it falls through. And most of the people who offer favors are friends, so it's not like you can tell them off (in most cases). Lately favors have been kicking my ass, in the giving and receiving area. I do a lot of favors to people with clothes and stuff I sell ("sure you can pay me later"--then 6 months happens and I have to track them down). Or my other favorite- borrowing stuff, that I don't see for many many months after. So, i don't know...are favors good or bad? Sometimes they are wonderful, but other times...not so much and cause more hassle then they are worth. I wish I could tell before I accepted (and I have a hard time saying no).
This isn't to say I don't appreciate favors, I really do, and I love all my friends very much. But I've always hated relying on other people, ever since I was in high school I very much liked to do everything on my own and still do, even if it's too much. Those who know me well, know I'm like this to a crazy degree.

So I guess if I say no to a favor, it's not because I don't appreciate it, but because I don't want to resent you later if it falls through--even if it isn't your fault that it did. It's just easier that way, for everyone, that I don't deal with that stress.

ok, whew...feel a little better know that I wrote that all down. How do you feel about this stuff, any stories you want to share or advice...go ahead in the comments section.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Is that a wig or is your hair natually purple?

Wigs, why do I love thee? My obsession for wigs started long ago, when I first got into lolita and was making terrible hand sewn dresses....I've come a long way eh?

I found that wigs made me feel like I could take on other personalities, give me confidence that I might not otherwise have, and not to mention give me the long lovely hair I knew I could never grow myself. You see, I've always had short hair, like ear length, for most of my life.

When it grows past that it gets wavy yet stringy and just all around unpleasant. Which is fine, I LIKE shirt hair, but for lolita, it's hard to wear cute clip in accessories, and it doesn't always give me the overall look I want. This is not to say that lolitas can't rock short hair, they do it all the time, it's just that I would rather have giant puffy over the top hair. So, I started collecting wigs, and since I cosplay as well I started gathering a rather large crazy collection. But I learned a lot about wigs, such as how to care for them as well as where to get them.

Caring for your wig, it is so simple and important, but easy to forget (or be too lazy to do). When you are done wearing your wig, you should give it a nice comb (from the bottom to top) then put in back in its netting, and in a bag (or even better on a wig head, I don't have room for 50 wig heads though). Store in a cool dry place. Washing wigs is also a great idea, especially after wearing them for hours and hours. Just swish your wig in the water filled sink with a little wig shampoo, rinse, and hang to dry. DON'T COMB YOUR WET WIG, it just pulls tons of hair out.Wait until it dries and then comb. Washing wigs can restore curls and shape, and also wash OUT styles that you yourself put in.

So, where can you get these magical wigs of doom? There are some good shops like

cosplay usa (gothic lolita wigs) who make CRAZY thick wigs in fabulous lolita styles and definitely worth the cost.

Gothic Lolita Wigs

Minty Mix is another lovely shop, a smaller company but the wigs are fabulous quality and fullness with fun colors.

Minty Mix

Amphigory is another site for wigs, I love how they review each wig, and their customer service is phenomenal.

On ebay, my favorite shops are Cosplay DNA because of their heat style-able wigs in beautiful colors.

There is a Kids wig store on ebay too, where may wonderful wigs are sold from China, so there will be a wait time, but it will be WORTH IT!

The key to ebay shopping is checking for delivery times, checking on materials (what is the wig made of, can you heat style it?) and if you ask a question, does the person get back to you in a reasonable amount of time. If someone responds promptly, then you know you can contact them if a problem arises (usually). And check feedback!! Always check their feedback, it can save you a LOT of trouble.

So there you go, a little bit about wigs, lolita style. I hope this helped a little with people who have little experience with wigs. If you need more help, Youtube is a great place to find tutorials on wig styling and care. Have fun, and share any link that you think would help people just finding out about wigs in the comment section.