Sunday, December 18, 2011

Getting Serious

So I feel as though Poison Sugar is starting to expand, I'm getting interview requests and I'm finally finalizing the details to go to New York in September. So, while I'm happy that things are going well I am also frightened to let them get away from me. I like how small my business is, and would maybe only want an assistant to help out in the long run. I like being able to talk to my clients personally and get to know them. I really wish more people sewed like they used too, sewing used to be a part of most women's lives. But now you can barely find someone who knows how to actually draft a pattern on their own. While I don't mind experimenting, I'd like to find some experts to really learn from, and I don't think going to an expensive school is really the answer. I don't want to move to New York and work a job ironing for 5 years to get a chance at maybe apprenticing someone. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't like a little help and tutoring every now and then. I feel I'm at a strange stage with this hobby, where if I cross the line it can become far more than a hobby. The question is, do I want that or not?

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