Monday, July 4, 2011

10 random lolita questions

I've been reading a lot of random question memes and decided to create a lolita one and answer them. Feel free to pass this list around to your lolita friends.

1. What is your favorite brand? Angelic Pretty and H.Naoto
2. Do you have a dream dress and what it is?- I don't know the name, but it's a Bambi print from Innocent World (whose stuff I don't think I will ever fit in).
3. How many pairs of lolita shoes do you own?- I have 12 that are a lolita brand or style- then more that are just common shoes that work for lolita.
4. What is your favorite piece you own now? I think my Milky Chan JSK is my current fav
5. What is your favorite style? I LOVE super sweet and also pirate
6. What is the lolita style you wear the most? OOT sweet
7. What is your favorite color coordinate? Pink and Mint is my current obsession.
8. Favorite accessory? Acrylic bracelets are my favorite, I really want more of them.
9. Wigs? Yay or nay? YES YES YES
10. If you could make up a lolita style what would be it be? Marching Band lolita- this needs to be a style, not just one outfit from AP

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