Thursday, June 2, 2011

Phoenix Comicon 2011 Recap

This is my second year running the PCC fashion show, and my fourth year attending.The first day of the con I got there nice and early to set up my table. I bought some new displays and table covers and I was glad they worked.

The best part of this day was when Wil Wheaton walked by with his posse, then came back to my table to tell me my stuff was awesome. I almost DIED! WHY? Because I am a dork who normally fangirls all over him. So yea.

Friday was the fashion show, I ran a Beyblade tournament in the morning that involved lots of yelling, cheering children and then jumped over to my lolita sewing panel (which I'm still trying to get just right) then went over to set up the fashion show. I will not rant about the preparations for the show, but regardless of what I was given the show was fine and the content was amazing! Cake Shop Couture had really cute stuff and the models all looked fabulous! Dictator Fantasyland had a cool zodiac theme, The Fairest of them All FINALLY showed some of her great stuff
and Strawberry Black had the strongest Tokyo vibe I'd seen all night. The individual models looked awesome too! I don't have those pictures yet, but here are some of my new dresses in the show.

That last one is totally not a dress, but my friend modeling a jacket I made for punk/dandy. My son also finally walked with me in the fashion show, something I've been trying to get him to do for years.

Saturday I ran around all day from panel to panel to lolita swap meet and then to masquerade judging. I cosplay too :) My son and I dressed up as Windia and Sakura from Deathsmiles (a scrolling Japanese lolita shooter game). I took home best Master Craftsmanship! I really felt great about that because I worked hard on those costumes, and getting those done, my fashion show stuff AND all my panels was a lot of work.

Sunday I did an origami panel in the morning then FINALLY got to sit at my table for the rest of the day. I really like sitting at the table because I get to see everyone's cute expressions when they look at my stuff. I actually LIKE talking to my clients and customers.

It was a very successful con and by Sunday I was almost sold out! Which is a good thing, but now I have to remake everything for Saboten in October :P

I really want to thank every person who bought something or said a kind word or two. It really does make me feel so happy to hear people actually like the stuff I make. I can't wait for Saboten so I can meet more people!


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