Sunday, October 9, 2011

Saboten Review 2011

So I went to Saboten in Phoenix, Arizona last weekend, Sept. 30 - Oct 2. I had a wonderful time and met some great people. Here's a recap of events.

Friday- Friday is always a busy day for me because the fashion shows are always Friday night. I got to set up my vendor booth Thursday night though, so I had a lot less to cram into the vehicles. I've found that packing in those big plastic tubs is easier than suitcases, and I can generally fit more cosplay stuff into them. I had a panel on Friday all about Poison Sugar and lolita and me and I was really surprised how many people showed up to this, I honestly thought I would have a really small audience, but I had about half the room, at 3pm on a Friday, so I was thrilled! I felt so happy that people came to support me, and afterwards I had so many questions and met some great people, who I hope to see again!
Friday night we had the fashion show, I had great help setting up even under stressful conditions. Every one looked amazing and the diversity of designers was perfect. I love working with the local designers here, they are all so creative and supportive.

Saturday- Saturday I had two panels, Chemistry and Cosplay- which was a casual panel about working with paints, glues and resins. The other was my Modern Millinery panel, which went really well. Someone even posted it as one of their favorite panels. For the first time of me doing that panel it went really well. I loved doing it too, making hats has been something I really love doing, so sharing it with others makes it even better. I also got to watch the masquerade instead of be in it, and there were some skits that made me laugh so hard I cried. After being in so many masquerades there is a great feeling watching others compete, it just makes me root for everyone and feel proud of them. I cosplayed as Entei (with a Raiku) and as Virginia from Wild Arms 3.

Sunday- Sunday I co-hosted the Lolita tea party with my buddy Spence. We had great help from local lolitas and I think we had a great time. I have managed tea parties before the convention but this was my first time being part of it, and I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. I wouldn't mind doing it again. We had great donations from some wonderful people who I am going to pimp right now.

Sugar Clay Cafe is a dear friend who I wish I saw more, she makes adorable little things. Find her stuff here

Antiquties- I don't have a website for them, as I don't know if they have one. But they donated these really cool clockwork parts ear cuff charms in pink and black and a tea cup hat.

Many of the other prizes were donated by me, including a Baby dress that some lucky person won. It was so fun to do a raffle, definitely be doing it again I think.

The worst part of the convention was that I didn't get to sit at my table, really at all. There wasn't very much room behind the tables. I will be sitting at the PCC table a lot, because I won't be as busy at that convention.

I want to thank everyone who stopped by and who came to my panels. I really appreciate it. The highlight of the con is when one of the girls from the tea party (Tiffany I think) came to the booth to pick up her prize and told me to keep doing what I love. It made me so happy to hear that from someone. So sweet! It really made the weekend for me.

So there you go, not all that exciting but it was a great weekend

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