Thursday, April 5, 2012

ConNi and Spring and Easter prints!

So here is a long over due shout out to ConNichiwa. We had a great time, spoke to many lovely people and said "Heya" to some old friends. We also made more money, like 5x as much, as last year. So, needless to say, we will be back next year! I had a guest book on my table for people to sign, this is going to become an every convention thing, but some of the comments and stories were awesome! There is one I had to share with you, so here it is:
"The stuff in this store is amazing! owo We bought 4 of the lucky packs, because we were dead obsessed. After opening two, we freaked out and started running back to get to the vendor hall. As I was running, N (name taken out) grabbed the hood of my jacket and I ALMOST DIED. I ran out of breath and I got here last. I got the yellow jelly ring after wrestling for it."

BEST. STORY. EVER. Accompanied by pictures. Those girls were awesome-big hugs to them.

In totally unrelated news...
I hear that Easter is coming up- not a holiday I celebrate but I do appreciate the loads of candy and cute pastels that Easter ushers in. So, I decided to post some cute Easter/Springtime dresses. Enjoy :)

Are there any special prints that remind you of Spring?

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