Saturday, December 25, 2010

Making your Christmas better with shoes!

In order to celebrate Christmas, I decided to give you all many links to shoes. Because to me, shoes are always a great gift right? So here are some links to various lolita shoe places and what I know about them. Enjoy your window shopping.

Ebay site...most if these are all the same quality- which is meh- good for occasional wear but not for everyday wear, especially the boots, they are thin and the grommets pop out if you pull to hard on the laces. But for $40, what do you expect. Also pay attention to how long it takes, some places will take 10 days to get your shoes and then another 20 to get them to you.

Ling Lam- I have a lot of these, good for in frequent use.

Refuse to be Usual-I think these are pretty much the same as Ling Lam, I bet they order from the same manufacturer- but RTBU costs more.

JC Punk
I like this one even though their selection is smaller, they have the more unusual styles.

Hiroko's boutique This has the biggest selection

There are more, but they are just more of the same, if you search for lolita shoes you'll get a bunch of other stores, but their shoes are made by the same manufacturer.


Double Decker Real wood rocking horse shoes, they often have a 2 for $100 sale.

Clobba online-
Read their terms and conditions before you do anything, so you understand what you're doing and what they are doing. They have a great selection of shoes and colors.

QutieLand- Again, read the shopping guide. A lot of these shoes are ordered when you order them, then have to go to the retailer, then sent to you. Don't buy some and expect to get them next week.

Rose Chocolat- I've actually owned a pair of these and they are very good quality, although the price is also higher and I know shipping takes a while.

One Day in Paradise- An Australian company with some good basic shoes.

Nocturnal Treasures- Now, I hate this site and how it lumps all lolita into gothic lolita and it really doesn't go with the theme of the site at all, but whatever. They have a decent selection- but they order them from China, so chances are they are same quality as ling lam (see above)

Bodyline- Bodyline of course, their shoes are pretty decent actually, the only thing that really bugs me about them is that instead of having actual usable buckles, the shoes have snaps hidden under the buckles. Some people really like this, because tiny buckles are a pain, but if you have high arching feet (like me) you tend to just unsnap the buckle every ten minutes and then you are tempted to throw your shoes in the garbage. These shoes sell out fast in larger sizes too, since larger sized Japanese shoes are hard to find.

So there you go, I think that's enough even though I could go on, and of course most brands also sells shoes, but those are REALLY expensive.

Merry Christmas!!



  1. double decker doesn't actually have wood soles, they are cork. maybe because it comes from a tree they are saying they are "wood" but it is not the same to me. i was expecting hard wood but they squish like cork.

  2. This is news to me, I don't have any personally but all reviews I have seen say they are real wood. Some even say to varnish or seal the wood before you wear them, so maybe that person got some rubber sole ones?