Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lolita vs lifestyle

So a while back I had the chance to run across someone on Etsy who had a trouble mixing her love of lolita with her religion and culture. She wasn't allowed to wear skirts higher than ankle length, but she loved lolita so much. She came to me asking for advice and if I could help her. I sketched up some ideas for her that were a nice mix, especially because she really liked classic, which is a style that can be longer then knee length anyway. But for those of you who think that lolita only means knee length and your lifestyle kicks you out of it, you're wrong. Brands even make longer dresses...let's look shall we?

Baby the Stars Shine Bright (AatP)

Moi Meme Moitie

Victorian Maiden

Victorian Maiden

Now, I remember the lady saying she was afraid of looking reminiscent of Little House on the Prairie in these long skirts. But honestly, it's the corodinates that matter. First of all, you need a long petti- Candi Violet has some goo long pettis for this purpose.
Now you also need to accessorize. Cardigans, boleros, fitted jackets with tails for a more Victorian style, high necked blouses, and dressage hats! I love riding hats with this style...

This style may be a little hard for a beginner lolita to figure out, but that's why you should never be scared to ask for help. Look around and do a little research and then ask for resources you may not have thought of, or what other people have done. Lolita has so many different styles that can lend itself to each person's identity with just a little effort. Anyone willing to put forth that effort can make lolita work for them in a way that is positive and fulfilling.

For most of the people I know, lolita has been a way for them to feel beautiful, in a world where beauty means taking off more clothes. Lolita lets us feel this way by keeping them on. Now other people may find us weird, but whatever, we're rebels...in our frills and lace.


  1. Oh dear~! Hello!

    Actually, this is the girl who had sent you that convo! I'm terribly sorry for kind of just dropping off the face of the planet like that. I kept meaning to convo you again and make commission arrangements, but unfortunately graduate school ended up being INSANELY hectic and my puny grad student TA paycheck got diverted to bills and books and the fast food I ended up eating because I was too busy to even pack lunch, etc.

    AND THEN: I opened an etsy shop! It carries Lolita accessories~ It is here: candyparadeshop.etsy.com
    I thought that I could use the shop to help fund my Lolita wardrobe, but that is not the case. I have only sold 3 things, to my cousin. Well, it's only been a month or so, so I guess I cannot expect miracles, lol.

    However! As soon as I pay off this semester's tuition, I will definitely want to be commissioning you, for at least one skirt~ (For my birthday party in April! :D :D :D)

    Also, I love your article!! Thank you very much for writing it! I'm glad to see such beautiful long dresses.

    - namie

  2. You've actually inspired me to try and do a panel about this style. I hope I can ask you some questions about it so I can try and help others combine lifestyle and lolita :)