Friday, January 21, 2011

Clobba and KittyWood review

So recently I ordered some socks from Clobba online and I had such a terrible experience I decided I would write a review. The other review is for an Etsy seller Kittywood Designs that advertises on EGL and I thought people might like to know a little about her stuff.

So on to the REVIEWS!

Clobba online.

I ordered three pairs of socks January 1st, thinking that if I shipped them EMS there was a chance I would get them by Friday to use in the Taiyou fashion show. I ordered some sax blue with pink hearts, the Milky Chan replica socks and the black socks with unicorns.

Her first email to me was this...

Thank you. EMS shipping is going to cost $19(can order up to 5 pairs). I can have the socks sent out on Monday. :)

second email on Jan 1st...
Thank you. Payment received~

I will send the package out next Monday and send you an email. You will be able to receive it either by next Friday or the Monday after. :)

Now, because the first email said Monday, I assumed this email also meant the next Monday, meaning the following Monday, Jan 3rd. When I didn't get the socks in time I thought, damn I must have just missed getting them, but I didn't get them Saturday or Monday either. Then I got this email on Jan 11th

Hi Diana,

Sorry for not emailing you sooner.

Package sent.

I was REALLY hoping that she was REALLY late emailing me, but no, she had just sent them Monday an entire week later. Now that I didn't need them I was in no real rush to get them and was kind of bothered I had spent the shipping cost.

Now here comes the really weird and SHADY part.
When I tracked my package it just kept saying it was "delivered" to South Carolina. I thought this meant that it was delivered to their post office and it was then going to be sent to me. But after the 12th it just sat there....and sat there. I sent an email to Clobba on the 19th saying...

"I Just wanted to let you know I haven't received my socks yet, I feel like I paid expedited shipping to wait 2 and a half weeks to get them. According to the post office they are just sitting in South Carolina and were expected to be delivered by Jan 15th, but they still weren't here today. Should I be worried?"

She said this....

Hi Diana,

I just checked the address on the package, it's the same as in the Order Form. It should be fine.

At this time, Express/EMS shipping won't be any faster than Registered Airmail shipping because of the holiday. :)

Now, there are many things wrong with this statement. First she didn't say she was sorry it was taking so long when I'm OBVIOUSLY angry about it. Then she pretty much said, well I made you pay for EMS even though I knew it was going to take the same amount of time as airmail. And, I have no idea what holiday she is talking about....MLK day? It's already in the U.S. BUT this was a LIE, I now know the real reason this took so long because I finally got the package today, a full 21 days after I ordered the damn socks.

Here is pictures to accompany the story. I checked my mailbox and found THIS...

When I first saw this I was like, what is this? I have not ordered anything from South epiphany...SOCKS! However this package came from a personal address in South Carolina. Why? Oh wait, Clobba sent my socks to a third party for WHATEVER reason, and then that person was supposed to send them to me? But instead they sat on them for a week then mailed them first class. Nice, I am livid about this. How is EMS effective if you don't even send the package to ACTUAL person it's supposed to go to. WHY DID I pay $19 shipping for this?

I opened the gray bag and here are the socks in various undress...

Now, while the socks are quite nice and even very stretchy for my bigger calves, I will never order ANYTHING from them again. I feel cheated and stolen from and worst of all, taken advantage of and then lied to. I feel you all should know this too. It's not a big deal to order from them if you do regular airmail, but DON'T PAY FOR EMS and expect to get your package in any decent amount of time. I won't recommend them during panels either. I am really big on customer service, I love it when sellers go through the trouble to write a note and let me know what's going on. I always send my items with hand written notes, because it just makes people feel special. When a company treats me poorly, I am a person that will go out of my way to avoid doing business with them ever again, really.

On to a much more positive review! Kitty Wood Designs

I bought 2 necklaces and a lucky pack. I am lazy sometimes and since I am sewing a lot, I don't often make myself accessories just for me. So I saw some things I REALLY liked and grabbed them up.

First off, Ice Cream Hello Kitty necklace.

This was about $15 and I guess that's fairly priced. The chain is very sturday and long but still has a clasp so I can put it around my giant lolita hair, and BEST OF ALL...


Next up, the purple lollipop necklace.

This is really well made and super cute, I didn't notice any flaws with it. The sprinkle crystals do tend to fall off when scraped, but I will just avoid doing that :)

It has a clip on the back to put it in your hair and I definitely think I can put it in my wigs, but definitely not my real hair- it's too heavy. But I love it anyway, and at $15 that's a great price.

I also grabbed up the lucky pack for $15 that came with a phone charm, necklace, earrings, hair clips and ring. It came in a cute bag...

Here's what I got...

pretty cute, I can wear the ring with Milky Chan and green IS my favorite color.

She also sent me a free phont charm that is a squishy doughnut...

alrighty then, Hope you had fun looking at stuffs!



  1. Oh I am so sorry about you sock experience! That's so terrible! I agree that SS socks are super awesome, but that service is not!

  2. She just returned my email from like 3 days ago and I told her what happened, with photos of the address and package. I am hoping that it was soe weird post office mistake, the tracking shows it delivered to my house, but the package is VERY obviously not the original picture she sent me. We'll see what she says.

  3. she just emailed me and said she didn't actually send the socks EMS, she sent them Express instead and that often happens when you send things express, but that still explains nothing. Whatever.

  4. thank you so much for your review. i have been wanting to buy a dress from you for a while now but i want more of a gothic or kuro look. i saw a dress on clobba i like but i am not going to risk purchasing from them thank you again for the review very helpful. and i am glad to hear good things about secret shop socks because i am going to be purchasing some soon :) have you ever ordered from minkyshop or fanplusfriend?

    1. I haven't ordered from Minkyshop, but I believe most of their shoes are decent quality- be weary that the boots tend to be made of a synthetic leather that is kind of cheap- but it you only wear them occasionally then you will be fine. I do have some things from Fan Plus Friend and I plan on getting some blouses from them pretty soon. Their stuff is well made and durable, but the dresses tend to run a little long- like they are made more for taller people :) I think they're prices are very reasonable for their products.

  5. Do you still have HK icecream neclkace? :)