Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Up and coming

Con Nichiwa is coming up in March 25-27 in Tucson Arizona

Con Nichiwa

I will be there with my cosplay group Sunacosu hosting some panels. I was really hoping they would have a fashion show like the one they had last year. But they aren't doing it again, so I won't have any fun modeling jobs for anyone (except me).

I will be doing some panels for the Con about lolita though-

Lolita 101 - about the history and guidelines of lolita

Lolita 202- about the other "sub genres" of lolita and a large section of reviews of where to shop (something I know quite a bit about) for almost anything.

Lolita sewing- if you want to know about how to start sewing then this is the class for you, while the beginning will go over things that every beginner needs to know- the second half will talk about how to measure for a simple rectangle skirt and how to cut and gather ruffles.

I like to give out prizes and hand outs. If you go to the sewing panel I will have a full walk through of how to sew the rectangle skirt so you can go home and actually do it without going..."wait...what did she say to do again?"

Should be fun, I will also be sharing a table there to sell the new antique style necklaces and some furry capelets along with liquidating old stock (sweets jewelry). So come on by.

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