Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Fun Fabric Time!

So while I am organizing my lolita sewing panel, I get to talk about fabric (just a little) and it made me think about all the damn fabric I have. Fabric is one of my obsessions, like wigs....and shoes. I love fabric so much! I used to think I loved shopping because I liked clothes, nope, it was just the fabric. Since I figured that out, I barely go clothes shopping, except when I realize that I really need to buy new pants or risk looking like some kind of dirty hobo. So due to this obsession, I have a lot of fabric in little bundles stacked in places all over the house.

My favorite fabric for lolita is a nice thick cotton (prints please), but I also love working with dupioni silk, twill and nice suitings (fabric they make suits out of), and stretch poplin (nice light blouse material). Some of these words may mean nothing to you, and that is fine. Believe it or not, I have lots of other non-lolita fabrics in my house that I plan to eventually use for everyday wear. CRAZY I KNOW!

So where are my favorites places to buy fabric? OHHHH well, I have one beautiful, lovely lady in Japan who I buy prints from. She is fabulous and a great friend to me. We met online through Etsy and corresponded for over a year now, just one of the great things about Etsy. She helps me keep costs down and find the best fabric for my needs.
Although the worst thing about Japanese imported fabric is the cost, and the shipping. Some fabric can be $20 a yard, BEFORE shipping. Then you have to wait to get them usually for 2 weeks or so, and I am impatient.
So what are some other places that have fabulous fabric? I listed them below... Great prices, fast shipping, great site.

Fashion Fabrics Club
Great variety and some awesome finds, shipping tends to be a little slow though.

Little fabric Shop Cute little prints and nice customer service.

Trim Fabric Great site for suitings and finding a lot of fabric for cheap in the wholesale section.

Fabric Tales
Great place for traditional Japanese prints for wa lolita type stuff.

Paris Bebe Great store for classic prints, lovely and fast shipping.

There are a ton of fabric sites, and then there is Ebay and of course, Etsy. My only local stores are Joannes, Hobby Lobby and SAS. I think there is one Sally's fabric left. Needless to say I do a lot of fabric shopping online. The worst thing about this is I can't touch the fabric before I buy it, and sometimes it is heavier than I thought or sightly the wrong shade or something along those lines. But I am VERY GLAD to have the option to buy fabrics from all over the world. Thank you internets.

Hope you had a lovely spring break and maybe I'll see you this weekend at Con-nichiwa!


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