Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Is that a wig or is your hair natually purple?

Wigs, why do I love thee? My obsession for wigs started long ago, when I first got into lolita and was making terrible hand sewn dresses....I've come a long way eh?

I found that wigs made me feel like I could take on other personalities, give me confidence that I might not otherwise have, and not to mention give me the long lovely hair I knew I could never grow myself. You see, I've always had short hair, like ear length, for most of my life.

When it grows past that it gets wavy yet stringy and just all around unpleasant. Which is fine, I LIKE shirt hair, but for lolita, it's hard to wear cute clip in accessories, and it doesn't always give me the overall look I want. This is not to say that lolitas can't rock short hair, they do it all the time, it's just that I would rather have giant puffy over the top hair. So, I started collecting wigs, and since I cosplay as well I started gathering a rather large crazy collection. But I learned a lot about wigs, such as how to care for them as well as where to get them.

Caring for your wig, it is so simple and important, but easy to forget (or be too lazy to do). When you are done wearing your wig, you should give it a nice comb (from the bottom to top) then put in back in its netting, and in a bag (or even better on a wig head, I don't have room for 50 wig heads though). Store in a cool dry place. Washing wigs is also a great idea, especially after wearing them for hours and hours. Just swish your wig in the water filled sink with a little wig shampoo, rinse, and hang to dry. DON'T COMB YOUR WET WIG, it just pulls tons of hair out.Wait until it dries and then comb. Washing wigs can restore curls and shape, and also wash OUT styles that you yourself put in.

So, where can you get these magical wigs of doom? There are some good shops like

cosplay usa (gothic lolita wigs) who make CRAZY thick wigs in fabulous lolita styles and definitely worth the cost.

Gothic Lolita Wigs

Minty Mix is another lovely shop, a smaller company but the wigs are fabulous quality and fullness with fun colors.

Minty Mix

Amphigory is another site for wigs, I love how they review each wig, and their customer service is phenomenal.

On ebay, my favorite shops are Cosplay DNA because of their heat style-able wigs in beautiful colors.

There is a Kids wig store on ebay too, where may wonderful wigs are sold from China, so there will be a wait time, but it will be WORTH IT!

The key to ebay shopping is checking for delivery times, checking on materials (what is the wig made of, can you heat style it?) and if you ask a question, does the person get back to you in a reasonable amount of time. If someone responds promptly, then you know you can contact them if a problem arises (usually). And check feedback!! Always check their feedback, it can save you a LOT of trouble.

So there you go, a little bit about wigs, lolita style. I hope this helped a little with people who have little experience with wigs. If you need more help, Youtube is a great place to find tutorials on wig styling and care. Have fun, and share any link that you think would help people just finding out about wigs in the comment section.


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