Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sock Dreams Petticoat Review

So I just thought I would do a little review on the petticoats from Sock dreams. They are leg avenue label...these ones to be precise- layered tulle petticoat.

- $35- not to shabby for something very necessary to the lolita wardrobe and petticoats seems to be hard to find in the right shape and length. Most costume pettis fall flat or are too long or made of angry dogs :(

-pretty good (could be better)-When you order tulle petticoats be aware that they will be made with ....TULLE! Not all tulle is good, some of it is made with angry dogs, as I stated earlier, and may scratch your face off. I have one of these I got free with something and my friend and I have dubbed it ANGRY TULLE! So yea, organza is the really soft stuff, but most petticoats aren't made of this because it increases cost quite a bit while tulle is cheap. So while Sock Dreams talks about how this is the softest of all their petticoats, it still is not soft. It's not uncomfortable though and it doesn't bother my legs when I sit down. It's definitely not a pillow or anything though.

Length 15 inches long- Perfect (for me)- this petti hits me low to mid-thighish and I'm 5'4" so it might be a little short for taller lolitas, but it's way better than it being too long and having to roll the waist band or constantly having your petti hanging out.

- Really good! While the bulk of the tulle is at the bottom, it doesn't make it swoop out and keeps a nice poof all by iteself without layering, although for super poof you could layer it.

All in all I'd say this was a perfect purchase for the thrifty lolita. It also has fast, free shipping and the petti is available in plus sizes. It also comes in fun colors besides black and white. So there you go, some info on these petticoats if you were thinking of buying them. It's a sound investment.

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