Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lolita Transformation!

So EGL had this theme last month where people were posting their lolita transformations. It totally sounded fun, but I never got around to doing it until tonight when I went to judge a masquerade at a local animefest. So here is my own little transformation :)

ME! I also usually wear glasses but I had my contacts in.

Starting with basic foundation

Next comes the rest of the make up...

Makeup is done, so I got my dress and socks and blouse on (and bloomers)

Now, I have to add the WIG and all the little accessories.

There you go!!

Rundown of outfit...

Blouse- Fan Plus Friend
Dress- hand made
Shoes- Ling Lam
Socks- Angelic Pretty
Pink Bracelet- Metamorphose
Head Bow- Hand Made (not by me)
Wig- Minty Mix

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