Saturday, September 3, 2011

30 day lolita challenge post 6

Day 6 – 10 things you can’t live without in lolita.

1. A petticoat- or three. Without that, the lolita image just isn't there (unless your in kodana, then skip the petti- you'll just look like a weirdo with a petticoat over your pants).

2. Headgear- meaning bows, hats, flowers, tea cup, rabbit, pirate ship... SOMETHING- it seems so plain without something in your hair.

3. Knee high socks- I think knee high socks are best- not to say that tights and shorter socks don't work ( I just like knee high best).

4. Lolita shoes- either rocking horse shoes or cute Mary Janes with a big heel. I like shoes with heels because, well, I'm short. I love boots too, boots with bows and hearts and cute things.

5. Wigs- now I know you might be thinking, "Wigs are not essential to lolita, you silly goose!" but 1. this is lolita according to me, and wigs are necessary and 2. I am not a goose. So yea, I like wigs, a lot, like obsessively.

6. Some lolita clothes (duh)

7. Jewelry- I try not to over do this too much, like one necklace, one bracelet, and two rings is a good max for me. Unless I'm trying to go crazy over the top.

8. Make up- and blush and all that. Not too much though- I want to look done up- not overdone.

9. Purse that matches! I don't think anything looks weirder than a bag that doesn't look the part. My messenger bag is cool and all, but it doesn't scream lolita, not that grey canvas. So yea, I have about 5 bags that I use with lolita.

10. A positive attitude. I think this is something you should always carry with you, but in lolita you will get plenty of weird looks, possibly rude comments or insults and possibly compliments and questions. A positive attitude will help you deal with all of these, in a way that doesn't hurt your knuckles or damage your new rocking horse shoes because you had to kick someone in the rear.

So there ya go, my 10 things.

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