Thursday, August 25, 2011

30 day lolita challenge post 5

Day 5 – 10 items from your wishlist.

OH YEA BABY! This post is better made with pictures.
1. Alice and the Pirates 2 piece set (never fit me ever )

2.Angelic Pretty

3.Angelic Pretty jsk (another that will never fit me) the cut out heart in the back is so cute!

4. Baby jsk- minty and pink

5. AatP Horoscope underbust jsk

6. Milky Planet jsk in black by Angelic Pretty

7. Innocent World halter jsk

8. Fantastic Dolly jsk

9. Angelic Pretty mint chocolate jsk

10. Innocent World Bambi jsk

So, there they are in no particular order. For fun, I am also going to post the pictures of things I own that I dreamed about owning or that I have owned and then sold.

Twinkle Mermaid- yup I used to own it, in this color too.

Lavender Rose Jewel- I love this jsk and am SO happy it fits me.
Milky Chan, another dress I currently own that I HAD to have.
Just acquired this, in this colorway. Love it.

I used to have this, but it was WAY too small.

I have the version of this jsk without the light pink bust part. It's one of my favorite prints.

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