Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vivid Beauty contacts review!

So I ordered some prescription color lenses from Vivid Beauty after a friend of mine suggested them. I have really bad vision- and an astigmatism on top of that, so I have trouble finding colored lenses for anything under $100. This site Vivid Beauty has a large selection of lenses and many in my prescription. The best part? They ALL cost around $20, regardless of the prescription. So my -6.5 prescription cost me only $18 shipped.

The seller is inside the USA so shipping only took a couple days and I got my lenses securely packaged with a contact lens case! Now, I ordered just the prescription lenses even though I have an astigmatism because I only planned on wearing them for a few hours at a time, and since allergies make my eyes sensitive anyway- I figured this would be perfect for photo shoots and such.

Their order form was simple and I sent it in then received an invoice request from Paypal ( you can pay other ways of payment). I ordered the blue Nudy series and while they don't completely cover my eye color (which is light brown) they still make by eyes blue and blend well with my eye color under it.

Sorry the color isn't quite true- but you get a good idea of before and after.
I wore these for about 3 hours yesterday and had no problems! I highly recommend you try them- since you have little to lose and so much to gain if it works out! Less than $20 is very little to spend on colored prescription contacts! I am so happy I can finally wear colored contacts for my cosplay and actually be able to see out of them. Now I don't recommend wearing regular lenses if you have astigmatism because it can be bad for your eyes, but if you have a prescription (or even none at all) this is a great place to find contacts!

Check them out at the link above :)

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