Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring Time!

So, while its already hit 97 degrees here in Arizona (and totally feels like summer already) it's actually spring in other places of the U.S.
I decided I would post some of the lovely spring outfits that brands have come out with recently. These are the ones that remind me of Spring the most.

Angelic Pretty's Sheep Garden. I love this print, and it's totally not because I'm obsessed with sheep...well maybe just a little. I think sheep have this claim to spring that only chicks and rabbits also have.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright "Dobby Rosebud" jsk, I like this design, and cute little flowers are always a sign of spring.

Innocent World has this beautiful strawberry jsk, I love how the top border matches the border print (I LOVE border prints). The versatility of this dress is great, it can be lolita, or just a nice sun dress.

Metamorphose "Fruit Punch Soda" series is coming out soon, and this jsk reminds me of root beer floats and ice cream on warm springs days. Perfect for the sweet lolita.

Heart E has this cute high waisted strawberry cute with suspenders! Great way for classic style to be a little more sweet. This is a simple skirt but it works with the big print. It comes in other colorways, but I think the lavender is great for spring.

Juliette et Justine has this lovely jsk called "Le Monde de L'ange" (meaning the world of an angel) is cute and light for J et J style. The print has angels and roses and lace print all in light colors.

So there you are, some pretty things to look at for spring time! Although summer is almost here, and that means over 100 degrees for AZ lolitas, but don't worry, we'll just stay indoors for most of it ;)

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