Wednesday, August 17, 2011

30 day lolita challenge post 3

10 things I hate about lolita.

1. The limit of sizing for brands, a lot of the stuff I really like I can't buy because it won't fit. My broad shoulders and big boobs just aren't fitting in there
2. Prices, although I understand them better than most- a lot of AP stuff is limited and I can see hand work in it. It is also SO expensive to print your own prints. OMG- yea.

3. The low toleration of newbies, I know it's annoying to answer the same questions that you learned forever ago, but hey- we were all newbs at one point.

4. USA lolitas seem to have giant sticks up their butt about mixing the fashion with other stuff. I understand there is the style lolita, but I can still wear the dress without HAVING it be lolita. Calm down, it's a dress.

5. Shoes with snaps and buckles, the buckles work just fine- the snaps don't. I didn't pay $60 for my strap to pop off every 5 minutes. I hate how this is becoming more and more popular.

6. Cheap accessories with big price tags. It's plastic AP, PLASTIC.....why $35 for a plastic ring?

7. Replicas that actually have the name of the brand printed on the replica. Why hello Ebay, look at this Baby the Star Shine Bright replica with the name emblazoned across the bottom. Totally shameful.

8. Crazy over the top shit.

9. I'm a slob- slobs and expensive clothes just don't mix.

10. The lack of boobs in lolita, I have boobs....why no one else have boobs? Seriously- not cleavage--boobs-- just adult body shapes would be nice.

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