Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dream Design Contest

So I wanted to do something really cool to thank everyone for all the support, and that includes "liking" the Facebook page. So I decided to have a crazy contest that no other same person would want to do, but I wanted to do because for one lucky person it will be the most awesome "thank you" gift ever. So I announced the Dream Design Contest...details below.

Want to try putting on the designer's shoes? Well here's your chance. Announcing the Dream design contest! Where you get to design your own dream lolita dress or skirt.
Here's how it will work. You will brain storm and come up with an amazing dress or skirt. It will be fabulous! Then get it down on paper or on your computer or however you want to represent your piece- you can color it, leave it black and white whatever you want. You will then send that image to as an attachment and I will add it to the photo album of entries. You will then call forth all your friends and lackeys to vote for your awesome image and you yourself will also vote. Voters will need to like the page to vote, but they don't have to stick around if they don't want to. Whoever has the most votes by Midnight on August 31st will win their outfit- custom made for them. For real! Get to brainstorming!!

Rules: please follow these or I will return your image to be adjusted.

1. Use solid colors only. I can't make a print that doesn't exist and I (unfortunately) can't give out my expensive existing prints for free. You can use as many solid colors as you want, just please no prints.

2. Your outfit has to be make-able. Meaning no hovering parts, suspended stuff or all over just weird craziness that I have no idea how to recreate. This is not "lets make Mikki crazy" contest.

3. This is a skirt or dress contest- not a full coordinate. So while I encourage you to add pieces to your drawing if you think it will help the design, be aware I won't be making your blouse, cardigan, sock garters, bracelets and rings. I will make a head bow or headdress though to match your outfit.

4. You can vote for more than one person by liking the picture.

5. The winning design will be made for the winner to keep, but Poison Sugar has to right to distribute images of the design and finished product with credit to the winning designer. It won't be mass produced for sale. This basically means that Poison Sugar can advertise the winner :)

6. Specifying a certain type of fabric does not mean that it will be used in construction. You can definitely suggest fabric that you think will work well for your design if you want.

7. Once a winner is decided, I will need their measurements and the finished product will be done no later than 3 weeks from when I receive measurements- not from when the winner is decided.

8. Your design can be on a person or not, it doesn't matter :)

Did I forget something? Ask away below and I will clarify best I can.

Now get drawing!!

P.S. When you send your image to please label it however you want- if your dress has a title or whatever, so I know what to post.

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